The 10 Best Gatorade Flavors, Ranked and Rated (2022) (2023)

Most of us have heard of Gatorade and may have even tried it. This energy drink not only quenches thirst, but also supplies the body with important electrolytes.

Do you know why electrolytes are important?

Electrolytes are trace elements such as sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphate, and magnesium that drive our body's automatic processes. We need to maintain balanced electrolyte levels to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, our bodies cannot absorb adequate amounts of these electrolytes from food alone. Also, we lose electrolytes every time we sweat or lose fluids during illnesses like vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, it is necessary to continually replenish our electrolyte levels and avoid the discomfort of electrolyte imbalance.

So how do we increase natural electrolyte levels?

Enter Gatorade!

As one of the most popular thirst quenchers, Gatorade helps replenish important electrolytes that are lost from the body.

The benefits of consuming this scientific formulation far outweigh those of plain water, especially when exercising or engaging in high-energy activities.

but how does it work?

To find out, let's take a look at the history of this brilliant invention.


Story behind Gatorade

In the summer of 1965, the players at the University of Florida faced a difficult summer.

When heat-related illnesses began to affect his performance, the assistant coach turned to a team of researchers for help.

These researchers found that the cause of this problem was twofold:

  1. The fluids and electrolytes lost by the players were not replaced.
  2. Carbohydrates burned during physical exertion are not replaced.

To address both issues, they created an effective electrolyte and carbohydrate formula. Thus Gatorade was born.

Since then, Gatorade has been the top choice for athletes around the world.

Gatorade is everywhere on supermarket shelves. They come in an amazing variety of flavors.

This year they are offering 20 different flavors of Gatorade in the United States.

  1. fierce blue cherry
  2. cold blue
  3. fierce grape
  4. Glacier Frost Cherry
  5. ice load
  6. frozen glacier
  7. frozen arctic lightning
  8. nevera tropical
  9. lemon pickle
  10. fierce green apple
  11. lemon
  12. citrus cooler
  13. Iced tropical mango
  14. Strawberry watermelon
  15. wild strawberry
  16. strawberry
  17. Strawberry Raspberry
  18. fruit punch
  19. Heavy Fruit Punch + Baga
  20. Orange

I have already had the opportunity to try almost all of them, so I decided to make a ranking for you.

My rating of these Gatorade flavors is based on aroma and taste. I am not a nutritionist or an athlete, so I will not go into the health benefits or nutritional value of each flavor.

In my humble opinion, these are the tastiest. If you see one you like, give it a try!

My personal list of the 10 best Gatorade flavors:

The flavors are all good, although some are better than others. Below are my reviews.

1. cool blue


  • The perfect gift for all those with a sweet tooth.
  • soft and icy color
  • Spicy and robust flavor and aroma.
  • low sugar
  • A great thirst quencher for children.

The next time you are looking for a tasty thirst quencher, I would definitely recommend the Cool Blue Gatorade Thirst Quenchers. Not only do they taste delicious, but they're also great after a workout or run.

The color and flavor remind me of the blue raspberry popsicles I ate as a kid. It's a great option if you want fast power delivery. This is also one of the delicious flavors for an upset stomach or indigestion.

They also fit easily in my lunch box so I can take them to work on hot days. They are wonderful for the price and because buying in bulk saves you money while still having plenty on hand in case you need it.

Overall rating: 9.5/10 (excellent)

2. Fierce Green Apple


  • Powerful with a strong apple flavor.
  • very angry
  • The blows awaken the senses
  • It has a long-lasting flavor.
  • Tastes like a green apple lollipop

The "Fierce" on the label tells you what to expect from Gatorade Green Apple. It is spicy, acid and strong. If you like sour flavors, this flavor will not disappoint.

The jury is split on Gatorade Fierce Green Apple: you either like it or hate it!

There's no denying that this is one of the more acidic flavors of Gatorade. So if sweet is not your thing, you might like this flavor.

The strong flavor could also be one of the reasons why it is effective in quenching thirst. The apple flavor is clearly reminiscent of autumn flavors and is a great way to cool down on a hot summer day.

But if you're looking for an easy-to-eat Gatorade flavor, skip the green apple. It takes a lot of force to go through an entire bottle. In fact, it is not an option for the faint of heart!

Overall rating: 9.2/10 (excellent)

3. Lemon Lemon


  • I like to keep it on hand when I'm in a hot, dry climate.
  • not too bitter
  • Strong lemon flavor but no artificial aftertaste.
  • very refreshing cold
  • I like this product when mixed with Sprite

Light on the palette and almost replicates the original lemonade flavor. Lemon Lime is certainly a convenient and safe option!

Gatorade lime is absolutely delicious, especially when cold. It is easy to swallow and does not leave the unpleasant aftertaste commonly associated with lemon flavored drinks.

As one of the original Gatorade flavors, Lemon Lime is as good as it gets. It is almost a neutral flavor and is universally enjoyed. You also won't find any dusty residue commonly found in other lemon-flavored electrolyte drinks. For this reason, it is also one of the best-selling flavors on the market.

Perfect for occasional drinking, especially when you want a cool, refreshing taste that you can swallow quickly. Pack it when you go hiking and it will hydrate and refresh you from the inside out.

Overall rating: 8.7/10 (very good)

4. cereza Frost Glacier


  • The size is a good alternative to a Dr. Pepper if you want a quick drink.
  • They are not too sweet but they give you the energy you need during a long workout.
  • no color added

I really liked the packaging. It comes in a nice, sturdy bottle that's easy to open and close, but also has a wide opening to make it easy to add ice cubes.

However, the taste is very mild. My kids and I really like this flavor. It contains no artificial colors, which is nice, especially since I have a very picky eater at home. And I liked that it didn't leave red marks.

Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone who enjoys a nice cold drink and not just a sugary fizzy drink.

Overall rating: 8.5/10 (very good)

5. lemon cucumber


  • I prefer this drink when it's cold, but I love how cold it is on a hot day.
  • When you open the bottle it smells like fresh cucumber and has a nice green aftertaste.
  • A great option to relieve a hangover
  • Not too sweet like some of the other flavors.

The taste was very refreshing with a very subtle taste of cucumber and lemon that is almost like drinking spa water.

The flavor itself is spicy and refreshing, making it the perfect drink for a hot summer day. Although hard to find in stores, Gatorade Lime Cucumber can be purchased online or in specialty stores.

All in all, if you're looking for something refreshing to quench your thirst after working out or just relaxing by the pool, this is perfect for you! I really liked the product and I will definitely buy it again!

Overall rating: 8.2/10 (very good)

6. Einfrieren des Frostgletschers


  • One of the best Freezer flavors.
  • It has a mild grape flavor.
  • excellent when cold
  • It is not too sweet and is easily swallowed.
  • Chill out for a great taste!
  • Less sugary alternative to regular Kool Aid

Here's another refreshing and thirst-quenching flavor of Gatorade: Glacier Freeze. Does the name remind you of cool lust? Well, the drink is just as impressive.

Glacier Freeze is Gatorade's predominant frosting flavor. Store it in the fridge and enjoy a frozen treat that is divinely uplifting to the senses.

This flavor will lift your spirits. While the flavor is not clearly that of a single fruit, there are unmistakable yet subtle undertones of grape, strawberry, and citrus. The color is equally attractive.

Enhance your workouts with Glacier Freeze and you'll find yourself feeling relaxed yet energized for hours.

Overall rating: 7.8/10 (good)

7. UVA


  • It tastes like grapes, but not too sweet.
  • Classic aroma and flavor of the smallest bottles.
  • A welcome change in hot, dry weather.
  • It might turn your mouth temporarily blue, but this flavor works just fine.

The aroma of the grape is characterized by its unmistakable flavor and color. If you like grape flavored candies or the fruit itself, this is a treat.

It tastes like Grape Kool Aid but with a little less flavor. Still, it's refreshing and well worth the value.

The grape flavor is a great option for rehydration and recovery when fighting a bad hangover. It's getting harder and harder to find these days.

Overall rating: 7.5/10 (good)

8. orange


  • A popular flavor that has been around for years.
  • It goes down smoothly and leaves no aftertaste.
  • Great for keeping you hydrated
  • tastes better than thatGatorade zero

When I first tried this orange flavored Gatorade, I was hooked! The taste was so delicious! It's like drinking orange juice in ice water! It tastes very refreshing!

When I'm at the beach with friends or hiking in the mountains, I take this with me to stay hydrated and energized. It tastes great without leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

It quenches thirst, gives you energy and the calories are minimal. The bottle is also very sturdy. It won't break even if you accidentally drop it on the ground.

Overall rating: 6.9/10 (above average)

9. Fruit Punch


  • light and refreshing
  • The flavors are really good although the colors look very artificial and fake.
  • The taste was a bit like Hawaiian Punch but more fruity.
  • The taste is not too sweet, which is ideal for children or adults who do not have a sweet tooth.
  • spicy taste

Here is a flavor that can best be described as fiery. It goes down very easily and is very refreshing.

Fruit Punch is a delicious summer flavor of Gatorade that will hydrate and refresh even on the hottest of days. The fruity taste and strong smell make it stand out from other flavors.

Fruit Punch is the ideal choice if you prefer to stick with just one flavor of Gatorade. Unlike other flavors, it doesn't get boring after a while. In addition, the slightly spicy note makes its sweetness bearable and even pleasant.

Try mixing the fruit punch flavor with equal amounts of orange. You will be pleasantly surprised by the delicious result.

Overall rating: 6.5/10 (above average)

10. Wild Blue Cherry


  • Delicious flavor and color!
  • It is an ideal product for summer or hot days.
  • The children liked it very much
  • A great drink for athletes.

I found this flavor to be the least popular on my list, but it's still fun. This flavor is more comparable to a blue bomb ice cream. The taste is very similar.

The first thing that caught my eye about this blue cherry flavor is the color. It's a very vibrant shade of blue (more like electric blue) and I was afraid it might taste extremely artificial. However, this is not the case. I loved the texture of this drink. It felt like drinking a slushie. It goes down smoothly and really quenches your thirst.

If they keep that taste, I buy it; it is rare to find it.

Overall rating: 6.1/10 (above average)

While that brings us to the end of our discussion of the best Gatorade flavors, I'm sure you'll still have a lot of questions about the drink in general. Here we go.

Is Gatorade good for you?

First, let's accept the fact that Gatorade is a processed drink with artificial sugars and flavors. Does not contain real fruit.

Some of the main benefits of consuming Gatorade are the following:

  • Rehydrates and revitalizes the body after intense energetic activities.
  • Contains electrolytes that restore electrolyte levels after sweating or during illness.
  • The sugar content increases energy.

When consumed in moderate amounts, Gatorade is as safe as any other sports drink. In fact, it is better than drinking tap water because tap water does not contain electrolytes.

However, it is not recommended to consume Gatorade in excessive amounts. As with any other sugary sports drink, Gatorade increases the risk of weight gain. It can also affect the appetite. So use it sparingly.

Research suggests that it's best to consume Gatorade after you've exercised for more than an hour or after high-energy exercise. Drink when needed, but switch to water when you need hydration.

How does Gatorade compare to water and other sports drinks?

Earlier in this post, we saw that Gatorade was invented to help athletes and gamers hydrate and correct electrolyte imbalances after or during high-energy activity.

The benefit of choosing Gatorade over water is that it provides electrolytes not present in plain water. This is how Gatorade hydrates while restoring electrolyte levels.

Now let's see how Gatorade compares to other drinks.

Gatorade contains fewer calories and is easier to drink compared to sodas and fruit juices. It's not heavy, so it doesn't weigh you down. However, a single bottle satisfies after an intense workout and will keep you fresh until your next meal.

The fact that Gatorade restores electrolytes also makes it a good drink if you suffer from an upset stomach, diarrhea, or vomiting. It is friendly to the stomach and provides sufficient moisture.

However, Gatorade contains artificial sweeteners and flavors that should be consumed in moderation.


Gatorade is a sports drink that refreshes, replaces electrolytes lost through sweat, and rehydrates the body. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to water and helps with rehydration after high-energy activities and during illness.

This post looks at seven of the best and most popular Gatorade flavors available right now. If you're new to the brand, this will help you get started with the best flavors.

Gatorade also has a variety of 12- or 24-bottle flavor packs. Therefore, if you prefer to choose a ready-to-use batch, you can also try this option. Whether you choose the flavors from our list or a variety pack, let us know which one you like best and why!

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