IV Fluid Reviews - Does It Work Or Is It Just A Fad? (2023)

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Dehydration puts you at risk for many health problems, and sometimes you just can't seem to drink enough water to get back on track.

IV Fluid is a powdered drink brand that sells three products that it says use its proprietary Cellular Transport Technology (CTT) technology to hydrate your bloodstream more efficiently than is possible from just drinking water. The company sells a product focused on hydration and two others that increase your energy levels and improve the quality of sleep.

These drinks are classified asoral rehydration solutions(ORS), which means they contain an optimized ratio of electrolytes (sodium and potassium), glucose, and water. The main idea is that ORS act as an active transport mechanism to get water and nutrients into the bloodstream quickly and with less waste.

The company's flagship product, Hydration Multiplier, purportedly contains three times the electrolytes and half the sugar and calories of traditional sports drinks and promises to be as effective for hydration as two to three times the amount of plain water.

Are these claims just marketing hype to get you to spend a premium on a product that works like a charm? Read our review here to find out if Liquid IV products might be right for you.

What is cellular transport technology?

First, let's define what the company understands by cellular transport technology. This is a unique term for Liquid IV, which is used to describe the process initiated by all oral rehydration solutions, which works as follows:

When regular drinks pass through your digestive system, you lose some of their benefits because your body can't absorb it all in time. By contrast, Liquid I.V. claims that its ratio of electrolytes to sugars (sodium, glucose, and potassium) creates an osmotic force, which allows molecules to pass through a membrane into your body.

In other words, your body absorbs more water molecules and nutrients than it otherwise would, and earlier in the digestive process. This leads to faster absorption of the beneficial ingredients.

Michael Traber, a board-certified urologist with a private practice in Austin, Texas, shared his thoughts on the benefits of this supercharged hydration strategy.

"Water should have a balanced electrolyte content to promote hydration," he told us. "Potassium and sodium provide communication pathways at the molecular level for hydration to occur."

According to the doctor. Trotter's Liquid IV drinks can be of value to many people. “Drinking more water is not necessarily beneficial for people; Drinking water intelligently, that is, having electrolytes, is highly recommended”.

However, he cautioned us that not all electrolyte supplements are created equal.

“Some are poorly absorbed; others are also not ideal for certain people. [For example] Sodium is a key electrolyte in hydration, but in large amounts it is not appropriate for people who form kidney stones. This subset of the population needs to limit their sodium intake to reduce the risk of stone formation."

Key to take:Cell Transport Technology is a fancy word for the natural rehydration properties of all oral rehydration solutions. Drinking beverages with similar electrolyte to sugar ratios should help you hydrate more efficiently than plain water.

What products are available from Liquid I.V.?

You can download Liquid IV from the company's official website atwww.liquido-iv.com. Additionally, you can also buy it from various retailers like Amazon, Costco, Sam's Club, and others. A Can Liquid I.V. currently sells the following three powdered drink mixes:

hydration multiplier

The IV fluid Hydration Multiplier is the company's most popular drink. It is formulated as a non-GMO electrolyte drink that uses Cellular Transport Technology (CTT)™ to deliver hydrating benefits to your bloodstream faster and more efficiently than just drinking water.

The company claims that a single bottle has three times the electrolytes of traditional sports drinks and will provide your body with the same level of hydration as drinking two to three bottles of water.

instructions:Add a talcum powder packet to your preferred amount of cold water (company recommends 16 ounces) and take a sip whenever you need to hydrate, especially after working out, while traveling, or while recovering from illness.*

Flavors:passion fruit, lemon, acai


Sizesubscription pricesPrices without subscription
16er-packO24,47 $
32er package$ 40$ 45,12
64er package$ 8083,20 $
96er package$ 120$ 120

power multiplier

This powdered drink mix contains a blend of matcha, guayusa, and ginger tea and provides approximately 100 mg of caffeine per serving, which is equivalent to one 8-ounce serving of coffee.

According to the company, these ingredients benefit from cellular transport technology and are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream to provide energy without breaking down. The drink is also rich in antioxidants and the amino acid L-theanine, which improves mood and concentration.

instructions:Add one bar to your preferred amount of cold water (company suggests 12 ounces). Drink whenever you need sustained energy for several hours. The company recommends starting with one serving to see how your body responds to caffeine and building up from there.

I like it:lemon ginger


Sizesubscription pricesPrices without subscription
10er-pack19,99 $23,99 $
20er package39,98 $45,98 $
30er package59,97 $65,97 $

sleep multiplier

This nighttime drink uses Cellular Transport Technology to deliver your natural sleep blend into your bloodstream for better sleep. This blend contains melatonin, L-theanine, and valerian root for a fast-acting sleep aid that is free of side effects.

instructions:Dissolve one packet in your preferred amount of water (8 ounces recommended) and drink 15-30 minutes before bed.

Flavors:blueberry pomegranate


Sizesubscription pricesPrices without subscription
10er-pack19,99 $23,99 $
20er package39,98 $45,98 $
30er package59,97 $65,97 $

You can have all Liquid IV drinks cold, hot or frozen as a popsicle. If you store a mixture in the refrigerator, be sure to drink it within 48 hours.

ingredient analysis

Any powdered liquid IV drink contains a variety of ingredients and we have highlighted information on the main ones here.


These minerals in your body carry an electrical charge and are crucial in balancing your body's pH and the amount of water in your cells. the primaryelectrolytesfound in Fluid I.V. They are sodium and potassium, and they ionize when dissolved in liquids such as water.

Consuming adequate electrolytes will ensure that you stay hydrated. Dr. Trotter shared the results of a 2015 study inamerican journal of clinical nutritionwho found that drinks containing some type of food promote higher levels of hydration than water alone.

glucose (sugar)

Glucose, considered a crucial component in Liquid I.V.'s cellular transport technology, is combined with electrolytes to help cells absorb more water. The company claims that all the sugar in its drinks is functional, not flavored.

Matcha T-shirt

Matcha is made from powdered green tea leaves and is rich in antioxidants and caffeine. Thanks to its L-theanine content, the drink is known to provide users with sustained energy that doesn't produce the jittery feeling or caffeine crash common in coffee.


Osacred treeIt comes from the Amazon rainforest and has natural caffeine. The leaves are often used in teas for their stimulating and concentration-boosting effects.


Often called "nature's valium," valerian root is commonly added to natural sleep aids to induce a relaxed state and improve sleep quality. It acts as a sedative and regulates nerve impulses in your brain, giving you a break from anxious thoughts.

search programsthat valerian root can improve sleep in people with insomnia just as effectively as benzodiazepines and other sleep aids. For the best benefit, you should take 400-900mg 30 minutes before bed. (One serving of Sleep Multiplier contains 175 mg.)


The pineal gland in your brain produces this natural hormone and tells your body when it is time to sleep. Taking melatonin supplements can make you sleepy before bed to help you sleep better.

search programsthat between 0.2 and 5 mg is an ideal dose of melatonin for adults. By comparison, Sleep Multiplier contains 3mg per serving.

The central theses

The key ingredients in Liquid IV powdered drinks promise to boost hydration, boost your energy, and help you fall asleep. However, most of these ingredients are commonly used in similar products, and nothing stands out as offering exceptional benefits, despite the company's claims to use innovative technologies to deliver them to cells.

possible side effects

We did not find any negative side effects associated with Liquid IV. Products. The company claims that each product is safe for daily use, even during pregnancy.

although it is possibleExcess of waterThose who do not have a history of kidney or liver disease and are not extreme athletes are not at serious risk.

To takea lot of melatoninIt can also have risks, but you must take more than 30mg at a time to qualify. This equates to ten sleep multiplier packs in one night.

Ways to buy Liquid IV

Powdered IV fluid drink mixes are currently sold on the company's website and through various retailers, including Amazon and Costco.

You can take advantage of a subscription and savings program if you buy directly from the company. You save up to 25% on each serving and you can choose if you want it to be replenished monthly or bimonthly.

After subscribing, you can change, pause or cancel your subscription at any time through your online account without hesitation.

Shipping is free for all orders, subscriptions or otherwise.

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all orders.

Analysis of customer opinions.

There are over 3,000 reviews of Liquid IV products on Amazon and Costco, and together they average 4.4 stars. Here is a summary of some of the main comments.

Observation:We did not find many verified reviews for Energy Multiplier, so this section does not represent this product.

  • Hydration Multiplier can combat extreme dehydration.
  • reduced headaches
  • I did not like the stevia/sugar content
  • The sleep formula works as promised.
  • It works to reduce leg cramps.
  • Great hangover cure
  • Bad taste, expensive for the benefits.

The central theses

IV fluid drinks are highly rated by users and seem to be most beneficial for those who suffer from sleep deprivation or chronic dehydration. If you already drink a lot of water, you may not have enough benefits to justify the cost.

the end turned out

Powdered liquid IV drink mixes get rave reviews online and are an effective way to stay hydrated and help your body absorb more nutrients per serving.

While Hydration Maximizer is probably overkill for most people on an average day, it can be a useful aid for anyone suffering from extreme dehydration due to medical conditions, exercise, excessive alcohol use, or travel.

Board-certified urologist Dr. Trotter believes that Liquid IV Hydration Maximizer makes sense for many people.

I am very familiar with Liquid IV products and believe it is an excellent product to suit an individual's health profile," he concluded. "I encourage readers to explore all of the great drinking products on the market and find the one that works best for them. suit your health. profile."

You will experience similar but more indirect hydration benefits when you take Energy Maximizer. We didn't find much evidence of benefits to this product other than a caffeine boost, so you may prefer to stick with regular tea or coffee.

When you finally decide to try Liquid I.V products, remember that they are not a substitute for water. You still need to drink between 11.5 and 15.5 cups a day to stay hydrated.

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