How much caffeine is in your pre-workout? (and why it matters) (2023)

How much caffeine is in your pre-workout? (and why it matters) (1)

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Most pre-workout supplements contain 150-300mg of caffeine. This is because 150mg is the lower limit for effective athletic performance enhancement. However, 300 mg is not the allowed or intended maximum.

Of course, pre-workout supplements are caffeine based, but how much of that is healthy? How much is the minimum to get significant benefits? What should you look for?

Today we answer these questions and give you an overview of caffeine in a pre-workout.


  • How Much Caffeine is in Popular Pre-Workout Products?
    • Caffeine Content in Popular Pre-Workout Supplements
  • Is Caffeinated Pre-Workout Bad?
  • How Much Caffeine Should You Take Before a Workout?
  • Does More Caffeine Mean a Better Pre-Workout?
  • Is 400 mg of caffeine too much?
  • Do all pre-workouts have caffeine?
  • Pre-workout caffeine vs. coffee
  • final thoughts

How Much Caffeine is in Popular Pre-Workout Products?

When it comes to popular pre-workouts, actual dosages can vary dramatically. This can result in a product meeting your needs better than others or telling you which ones to avoid!

This table shows some of the most popular pre-workout supplements and the caffeine concentration in each product.

Caffeine Content in Popular Pre-Workout Supplements

Original C4Celucor150mg
Deport C4Celucor135mg
C4 RasgadoCelucor150mg
last C4Celucor300mg
C4 Extreme EnergyCelucor300mg
Sr. Hyde NitroXProsupps375 milligrams
1.M.R. VÓRTEXBIS SportOne. 200mg
N.O.-XPLODE®BSN275 milligrams
The cursecobra laboratories145mg
ESPevolutionary nutrition300mg
Para JYMJYM300mg
PRE-KAGED®Kaged Muscle274 milligrams
BEFORE WHEREDynamic300mg

But what do you do with this information? The next step is to discuss what those caffeine levels are doing to you and if they pose any risks...

Is Caffeinated Pre-Workout Bad?

The short answer is"No, but it depends".

Regular pre-workout supplements are designed to improve health and performance. You will not unduly endanger your health and well-being; They are also regulated by how much caffeine a single serving can contain.

What you're seeing with the pre-workouts is a healthy additionif you use them as directed. All problems with using a pre-workout comeirresponsible use.

Caffeine has only been associated with problems in a few very specific situations:

  • If you are new to caffeine and are taking a large dose
  • If you take much more than the recommended dose of 400 mg/day
  • If you are caffeine intolerant, allergic or have other adverse medical reactions to stimulants

Obviously, these are serious issues, but they are not relevant to most people when consumed in the dosages and patterns recommended in the instructions for these products.

Pre-workout caffeine isnothing badfor you, but you can abuse it. It may be fashionable to talk about taking 4 scoops, but this type of stimulant load is not a sustainable or sensible strategy.

How Much Caffeine Should You Take Before a Workout?

The minimum pre-workout intake of caffeine is required to produce significant and reliable effects150mg. For this reason we see 150mg as the lower limit for caffeine in pre-workout supplements and often energy drinks etc.

The upper limit is really hard to see. The daily intake of caffeine issafer under 400 mg, ButThis includes everything you take in throughout the day– including these coffees or non-alcoholic beverages. It adds up and it's not a good idea to jump on 400mg of caffeine before a workout!

Usto recommendStart with 150 mg and slowly decrease accordingly. You also need less caffeine to get the same effects if you take time off and do a pre-workout cycle (which the directions also recommend).

So you're looking at 150mg to 300-400mg pre-workout. However, we recommend that you take your time and use a product with a reasonable amount of caffeine per serving to have more control over each serving.

Does More Caffeine Mean a Better Pre-Workout?


Caffeine is a powerful compound, but there's a lot more to it than just caffeine.A good pre-workout should contain other compounds that are beneficial without caffeine, or stacked with it for the best effects.

For example, a low-caffeine product with theanine is a good choice, as these compounds combine for better effects. They create better awareness and reduce side effects such as headaches from excessive caffeine consumption.

Look for the best performance-enhancing compounds whether you take caffeine or not:Creatine, Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, and others are essential.

Is 400 mg of caffeine too much?

It's exactly what the FDA recommends for a single day. that's not necessarilyspacious, but taking 400 mg at a time radically increases the risk of side effects and indigestion.

Pre-workout caffeine is fine, but taking the entire RDA in one sitting is probably not the wisest choice! Think of it like something else: would you drink all your food at once, or your water, or whatever?

Taking 400 mg of caffeine is possible, but necessaryrememberTwo things:

  1. Caffeine consumption increases with a half-life of 6 hours, so you might end up getting jittery
  2. 400 mg of caffeine is a lot for someone who is not adapted to caffeine

As always weto recommendStart with a smaller dose and see how you react before rushing to 400mg of caffeine!

Do all pre-workouts have caffeine?

No, not her!

HeuLow-Caffeine or No-Caffeine Pre-Workout Supplements!They are usually completely stimulant free, which can be great for those who are not medically stimulant ready.

This enables optimal training and performance improvement, no matter who you are and what medical background you have. Keep an eye out for the best performance-enhancing compounds we mentioned above.

Pre-workout caffeine vs. coffee

The only difference between coffee and pre-workout caffeine is the format. They are comparable in their effects, but the real difference is thatanhydrous caffeine (the kind in pre-workout supplements)Esfaster action.

The benefits of a pre-workout depend on: It is afastA way to get up and feel more alert and ready for your workout when you're tired. That means faster build-up and break-down, but also a higher risk of post-caffeine-fatigue side effects.

Coffee provides a smaller dose of caffeine most of the time, depending on the specific beans, extraction, and number of doses, but does provide caffeine.

It's perfectly reasonable to drink strong coffee instead of a pre-workout supplement, thoughto recommendDo it before a workout to give yourself time to adjust and reap the full benefits.

For example, a pre-workout supplement would likely take 30-60 minutes to achieve maximum effects, while a Black Americano with 2 shots of espresso would likely take 60-90 minutes. That means you should time your timing a little more carefully.

final thoughts

Don't forget, however, that some of the benefits of a good pre-workout supplement come from drinkingwhileYour Workout This is a hydration benefit that needs to be replaced when you stop exercising before your workout and can help keep your muscles and central nervous system healthy.

You can also consider combining your pre-workout with a workout carb likeThe benefits of caffeine and carbohydrates are positive influences on short-term mental and physical performance.

A good pre-workout includes a healthy and effective amount of caffeine as well as performance-enhancing ingredients! How you use your pre-workout is also crucial. So get yourself a great product, but make sure you use it responsibly for the best results!

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