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Greggs menu and prices may vary slightly depending on your nearest location. We provide Greggs menu prices from a location close to London Bridge Station, UK. The menu will be updated from March 1, 2023.

Greggs Menu with Prices [updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (1)

You may need to look up the menu at your nearest Greggs for accurate prices.official web,android appoiOS app, or any other grocery delivery app.

Greggs price menu includes delicious breakfast sandwiches like bacon and omelet sandwiches, salads, appetizers, sausage baguette, bacon and cheese, etc.

There are a variety of drinks and snacks like vanilla latte, regular coffee, latte, cheddar cheese and onion chips etc. Greggs is the best place to enjoy everyday meals for under £5. The popular aubergine focaccia is £3.15.

I have provided all the foods in the menu tables below along with their prices. For anyone looking for franchise details or other important information about Greggs, keep reading this article.

You can also follow Greggs on his social media addresses by clicking the links below. But first I'll tell you how Greggs became a well-known British bakery chain.

Greggs is a British bakery chain based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. It was originally founded in 1939 by John Gregg as a bakery on Tyneside. Gregg's first store opened in 1951 in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne.

After John Gregg's death, his son, Ian, expanded this business with the support of Colin Gregg. More than 2,000 points of sale are currently in operation.

what's in the mail

Greggs menu with prices

Greggs Menu with Prices [updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (2)

Wurstand donuts are my favorite breakfast items, especially when I'm late for work. breakfastrotateby Greggs work great when I'm looking for a healthy and tasty breakfast.

OWurstBun is Greggs' best-selling item, selling more than 2 million copies in a week. You will enjoy every bite of sausage rolls, as well as other foods.

You can also enjoy it in other ways.givesFlavors at Greggs. Their colorful donuts are delicious and irresistible. They also have drinks and snacks on their menu such as coffee with milk, coffee with milk,T-shirt, and more.

Known for its friendly atmosphere, Greggs also offers a delivery service. If you want to enjoy Geggs food at home, you can download the Greggs app and order food online. I have provided the link to the Greggs app at the end of this article.

Also try Greggs Bacon Cheese Porridge and Wrap. I have mentioned the menu along with the prices in the tables below. Browse the menu and order your favorite dish from Greggs.

Breakfast menu with prices.

Bacon Breakfast Rolls£ 1,75
sausage rolls£ 1,75
Breakfast Omelet Roll£ 1,75
Omelet Bacon Breakfast Muffins£ 1,85
Bacon and Sausage Breakfast Muffins£ 1,85
Breakfast rolls with sausage and omelette£ 1,85
Breakfast baguette with bacon£ 2,50
breakfast baguette sausage£ 2,50
Breakfast baguette with omelette£ 2,50
Breakfast baguette with bacon and omelet£ 2,60
Breakfast baguette with bacon and sausage£ 2,60
Breakfast sausage and omelet baguette£ 2,60
Bacon and Cheese Wrap£ 1,65
All butter croissants£ 1,65
chocolate pain£ 1,65
simply creamy porridge£ 1,00
Porridge with golden syrup£ 1,00
Apple and cinnamon porridge£ 1,00

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Menu of snacks and pastries with prices

sausages in bathrobe0,96€
vegan sausage roll0,96€
Cheese and Onion Casserole0,96€
steak£ 1,50
chicken casserole1,44 €
Sausage, beans and melted cheese£ 1,38
Vegan Sausage Bean Cheese Melt£ 1,45
Meat and Vegetable Pie£ 1,30
margarita pizza0,85 €
Pepperoni pizza0,85 €

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Drinks and snacks menu with prices

americano normal£ 1,50
great american£ 1,75
regular cappuccino£ 1,75
large cappuccino£ 2,00
plain latte£ 1,75
great latte£ 2,00
plain caramel with milk£ 2,70
large caramel latte£ 2,75
regular vanilla milk£ 2,00
plain mocha£ 1,75
big club£ 2,00
plain latte£ 1,50
large latte£ 1,75
pure white£ 1,65
Express£ 1,65
normal green tea£ 1,65
regular mint tea£ 1,65
chocolate caliente normal£ 1,65
great hot chocolate£ 1,90
normal tea£ 1,00
great tea£ 2,00
small orange juice£ 2,00
large orange juice£ 2,20
big apple juice£ 2,35
small still water£ 1,20
large stagnant water£ 1,15
cloudy lemonade£ 1,15
frothy cherryade£ 2,05
Mango and pineapple sparkling wine£ 1,05
sparkling raspberry lemonade£ 1,15
Onion Chips and Aged Cheddar Cheese£ 3,15
Apple Cider Vinegar and Sea Salt Chips£ 1,15
Thai sweet pepper chips£ 2,15

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Sandwiches and Salads menu with prices

Brathähnchen-Mayonesa-Baguette£ 3,25
Ham and cheese baguette£ 3,25
Mexican chicken wrap£ 3,25
Honey Roasted Ham Salad Baguette£ 3,90
Aged Cheddar Salad Baguette£ 3,60
Mexican chicken baguette£ 3,90
Fried Chicken and Bacon Club Baguette£ 3,65
Tandoori chicken baguette£ 3,95
Crispy tuna baguette£ 3,95
Vegan ham and cheese baguette£ 3,65
Grilled Chicken Oval Cutlet£ 3,30
Oval Mexican Chicken Bit£ 3,65
Honey Baked Ham Egg Salad Roll£ 3,30
Brathähnchen-Salatrolle£ 3,30
Tuna Roll with Mayonnaise£ 3,25
Tuna And Cucumber Mayonnaise Sandwich£ 3,65
Free Range Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich£ 3,65
Pasta with chicken and bacon£ 3,65
Feta and tomato pasta£ 3,30
Crispy Tuna Pasta£ 3,65
Cajun Smoky Rice with BBQ Chicken and Sweet Corn Fritters£ 3,90
Süßkartoffel Bhaji y Reissalat£ 3,30

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Candy menu with prices

Caramel Pudim Donut0,95 €
glazed ring donut£ 2,55
jamie pink donut0,95 €
Marmalade donut£ 2,55
sugar donut£ 2,55
triple chocolate donut0,95 €
delicious0,85 €
pan belga£ 2,55
Sahne-Eclair£ 1,15
gingerbread man£ 1,15
Sternkekse£ 1,15
Marmeladenherzkeks£ 1,15
milk chocolate cookie£ 1,15
Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie£ 1,15
White Chocolate Cookies£ 1,15
Pack de 4 Brownies Triple Chocolate (Sin Gluten)£ 1,15
triple chocolate muffin£ 1,15
Himbeer-Muffin£ 1,15
novelty bun£ 1,15
Pack 4er Karamell-Shortbread£ 1,15

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How do I order online at Greggs?

Greggs is one of the fastest growing major bakery chains in the UK. The restaurant dates back to a man named Greggs as Tynesidebakery in 1939. People have had Greggs ever since. You can order food from the official Greggs website, from proprietary online apps, and from the ApporiOS Android app. The restaurant is best known for its quality food and service.

To order food online from Jack In The Box, you can also check out some of the top food delivery apps like:door line, Grubhub, Seamless, Postmates and UberEats. We are sharing the detailed screenshots showing how to order food online from Jack In The Box.

Gregg's Nutrition Facts


For more information on the nutrition information for the items on the Greggs menu, click the link in the table above. You can also find the allergen guide in this table.

Greggs Franchise Details

Greggs Menu with Prices [updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (3)

Do you want to own a Greggs franchise? Review the information in the following table. You can contact the Greggs team directly for franchise details.this email address.

Franchise Inquiry Number+44 (0)191 212 7624
Email for Investor

Greggs Headquarters Address:Quorum Business Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12 8BU

Greggs Phone Zentrale:0191 281 7721

Greggs Customer Service Number:0808 147 3447 o 0191 212 7624

Greggs Foundation Number:0191 212 7626

Greggs draft number:0121 683 9911


Gregg Corporate and Financial Media

Greggs Hope and Gloria

Gregg's contact number for corporate and financial media inquiries:0207 796 4133

greggs PR Hope and Glory Contact number: 020 3588 9700

You can also contact the Greggs team by filling out the formContact Formon your website.

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Greggs Social Media Identifiers

Greggs Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Gregg's Pie keep in the fridge?

Greggs Pies keep for 3-4 days in the fridge.

What time is the breakfast menu at Greggs?

Gregg's breakfast menu is available from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. m. to 7:00 p.m. m.

What is Gregg's favorite item on the menu?

Sausage rolls, pizza and sweets. The company's best-selling product is the sausage roll, of which more than two million units are sold weekly.

What's in Gregg's celebration cake?

Gregg's Holiday Casserole is a reinvention of the holiday classic. The plant-based dough is filled with Quorn chunks, a sage and onion filling, a vegan bacon crumble, and finished with a cranberry and sage sauce.


How much is a Greggs sausage roll 2023? ›

January 2023 - £1.20.

Why has Greggs gone so expensive? ›

It comes as it was revealed that sales hit £1.51billion in 2022, up from £1.23billion the previous year. The increase in price is down to inflation, according to Greggs boss Roisin Currie.

Did Greggs raise prices? ›

In the years previous, you were able to grab the popular snack for just 85p in 2016, and 90p in 2017, before it hit the £1 mark in 2021. Greggs admitted that inflation continues to hit its prices, with the group seeing its costs up by about nine per cent on average over 2022, compared with the previous year.

How much is a bacon roll at Greggs? ›

Bacon breakfast roll - £2.40.

Is Greggs the same price everywhere? ›

A spokeswoman for Greggs said: “We always keep our prices as low as possible for our customers. However like other retailers our pricing can vary slightly in locations where running costs are higher. This includes locations where rents may be higher, such as in travel locations.”

How much is a Greggs sausage roll now? ›

The increase is the fourth price hike Greggs customers have seen since 2021, when the sausage roll cost just £1. At the start of 2022, Greggs charged £1.05 for its sausage rolls, but upped it to £1.10 in May. In October, the bakery chain increased the price to £1.15.

What is the best selling item from Greggs? ›

Greggs now has close to 2,000 locations across the UK and employs around 22,000 employees. Its best-selling product is the sausage roll, selling 2 million units a week.

What is the most bought item from Greggs? ›

Sausage rolls, pizza and pastries

The company's best selling product is the sausage roll, selling more than two million units weekly. Greggs sell sausage rolls freshly baked individually, or in a pre-baked cold pack of four.

What is the most popular item in Greggs? ›

The Greggs staple

You can't go to Greggs without picking up a sausage roll.

What happens to Greggs leftover food? ›

At Greggs we aim to distribute as much unsold food to charity as possible, including soup kitchens, food banks, and shelters for the homeless and vulnerable.

How much does a Greggs meal deal cost? ›

Greggs offers a selection of varying meal deals, starting at £3.60 for a cold sandwich and regular hot/cold drink. Customers can also get a hot sandwich, wedges and drink from £4.80.

Where is Greggs most popular? ›

Top 4 Countrys with the most Greggs stores
  • England. 1,777 (79%) A store for every 31,675 people, in England with about 79% of the total number of Greggs stores.
  • Scotland. 273 (12%) A store for every 20,011 people, in Scotland with about 12% of the total number of Greggs stores.
  • Wales. 171 (8%)
Apr 18, 2023

Are Greggs sausage rolls 100% pork? ›

And in the chain's meat products, the percentage of meat in each dish probably isn't what you'd expect. The sausage roll is arguably Greggs' most-popular dish. But only 18 per cent of the dish is made up of pork. Its steak bake fares slightly better, containing 32 per cent beef.

What time do Greggs stop bacon rolls? ›

Breakfast is served until 11am, featuring classics such as bacon rolls, fresh fruit and a full range of freshly ground, Fairtrade coffee.

Do Greggs do a breakfast deal? ›

*Breakfast Roll deal includes one filling breakfast roll. All deals include any regular hot drink or Orange Juice 250ml. Regular speciality hot drink 30p extra.

What is a Greggs magic bag? ›

Greggs ' magic bags contain a mix of food including sausage rolls, wraps, cookies, sandwiches and doughnuts, and more than 1,200 Greggs sites across the UK are now available to snap up surplus food.

Who is Greggs biggest competitor? ›

Should you be buying Greggs stock or one of its competitors? The main competitors of Greggs include Ocado Group (OCDO), J Sainsbury (SBRY), Wm Morrison Supermarkets (MRW), Just Eat (JET), Entertainment One (ETO), Greene King (GNK), Inmarsat (ISAT), ITV (ITV), Diploma (DPLM), and Keywords Studios (KWS).

Do Greggs cook from frozen? ›

Oven cook From Frozen

Remove all packaging and preheat oven and baking tray. Place the sausage rolls flat side down and bake in the middle of the oven to the cooking instructions above. Check the product is piping hot before serving.

Are Greggs sausage rolls beef or pork? ›

Water, Fortified Wheat Flour (Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Pork (20%), Palm Oil, Rusk (Wheat), Seasoning (Salt, Yeast Extract, Modified Starch, Pea Fibre, Sugar, Stabiliser (Diphosphates), Ground White Pepper, Barley Malt Extract, Acidity Regulator (Tartaric Acid), Preservative (Sodium Metabisulphite), ...

What beans do Greggs use? ›

Our coffee is our own unique blend of mild, high grown Arabica beans from Peru and Colombia allied with rich tasting Robusta beans from Tanzania and is 100% Fairtrade.

What is the most expensive sausage roll? ›

  • A pub in the UK has sparked outrage online after charging customers the high price of £7.50 ($13.20) for a sausage roll.
  • The expensive snack price tag was advertised on a chalkboard outside the unnamed British pub and subsequently shared to Twitter.
Jun 9, 2022

What meat do Greggs use? ›

Packed with diced cuts of prime beef in a rich and tasty gravy, this golden puff pastry parcel has been a firm favourite for years. AND, since they're freshly baked in our shops every day, there's probably one coming out of the oven RIGHT now.

What is special about Greggs? ›

Like serving food that's free of the nasty stuff (we don't use artificial colours, flavours, added trans fats or MSG) and keeping our colleagues happy. We've even been named one of the happiest places to work in the UK, we'll take that!

What is similar to Greggs? ›

Greggs's competitors
  • Greggs.
  • Food Genius.
  • Grupo Bimbo.
  • Finsbury Food Group.
  • Treasury Wine Estates.
  • Pret A Manger.

Who are Greggs main customers? ›

According to YouGov Profiles data, the majority (57%) of Greggs' customer base (those who have visited the shop in the last month) are aged 40 and over, with a large proportion of customers aged between 40 and 59 (38%).

Which is the busiest Greggs in the UK? ›

Set to experience one of the biggest surges of people is the following location in Nottingham: Greggs – 51 Front St, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 7EA.

Why is Greggs so popular in the UK? ›

It made its name as a place to get decent, cheap grub such as bakes, pasties, sausage rolls, and donuts, and is particularly associated in the U.K. with the north of England, where it is a very, very popular place indeed.

Why do Brits love Greggs? ›

Greggs is hugely popular in the UK, with Brits loving its affordable and tasty food. The chain sells more sausage rolls than McDonald's sells Big Macs, and key to its success are a number of behind-the-scenes secrets.

What is a too good to go bag from Greggs? ›

Some of this brilliant progress is thanks to our partnership with Too Good To Go, which first launched in 2021. Too Good To Go is the world's largest surplus food app, and they help us to prevent food waste by allowing customers to purchase surplus food directly from our shops.

Is there more Greggs or Mcdonalds? ›

What are the largest food chains in the United Kingdom in 2023?
RankNumber of Locations
6 more rows

Why do Greggs not keep their food warm? ›

Greggs answer read: "We sell savouries which are freshly baked in our shop ovens then put on the shelf to cool. We don't keep our savouries in a heated environment, or use heat retaining packaging, or market them as hot, as they are simply freshly baked throughout the day then left to cool.

Why are Greggs closing? ›

The boss of Greggs has revealed he has been forced to increase prices on some products due to the rising cost of ingredients and wages. Roger Whiteside added that the raging Omicron infection rate has led to some stores having to close due to staff shortages and supply chain problems.

Does Greggs give you free food on your birthday? ›

No birthday is be complete without a Greggs. That's why we'll give you a free sweet treat every year on your birthday. Redeem it in our shops to make it one to remember.

Do Greggs charge to heat up food? ›

The bakery giant chooses not to heat its food because of a tax loophole. In the UK, businesses are charged VAT on hot food to take away, but they aren't charged it on cold food to take away.

Does Greggs have a limited menu? ›

Greggs reopened after the covid crisis first hit with a reduced menu last summer. The pasty shop has a "reduced range" and that means not all your favourites are back on the menu just yet.

How do I redeem my free food on Greggs? ›

Once you've qualified for a reward, it will appear in the 'wallet' section of your app. To redeem, all you need to do is toggle the reward to 'on' and show it to one of our friendly team members in any Greggs shop. Then ta-da, the tasty treat is yours to eat!

Are Greggs sandwiches made in store? ›

Our daily-fresh sandwiches are made in our own shops, using bread baked that day and our savouries are baked fresh in the shop ovens throughout the day. Why wasn't my bake hot? We sell savouries that are freshly baked in our shop ovens, then put on the shelf to cool.

Is Greggs classed as fast food? ›

Greggs. Launched in 1939 in the North East of England, Greggs has significantly grown to become the largest Fast Food Restaurants In The UK with more than 2,000 outlets worldwide.

Are there any Greggs outside the UK? ›

The company's stores are located throughout the United Kingdom. Greggs also operates two stores in Belgium, units that represent the beginning of the company's expansion campaign into mainland Europe.

Where do Greggs get their meat from? ›

Oakfield is a global supplier of meat. Providing good nutritious food is what we do, so we are pleased to play our part in supporting the Breakfast Club Scheme through the Greggs Foundation.

Where do Greggs get their sausage rolls from? ›

The secret behind the iconic sausage rolls

More than 2.5 million sausage rolls are produced at the company's factory in the north east every week. The rolls it makes goes to every shop in the country, carried there by a fleet of 250 lorries.

What are Greggs sausage rolls made of? ›

Freshly baked in our shops throughout the day, this British classic is made from seasoned sausage meat wrapped in layers of crisp, golden puff pastry, as well as a large dollop of TLC. It's fair to say, we're proper proud of them. And that's it.

Why did Greggs stop selling bread? ›

GREGGS the bakers are to stop selling BREAD in many of their stores. The UK's most successful chain of high street bakeries made the decision to axe the sale of loaves due to lack of sales. The shock news came after a customer tweeted that he was unable to buy a loaf at his local Greggs.

Do I have to flip the bacon? ›

Do you Need to Flip Bacon? You do not need to flip the bacon during the cook time. The only exception is if your bacon is very thick cut. In this case, you may want to flip the bacon after it has been in the oven for 12 minutes to ensure that both sides cook evenly.

Why are Greggs sausage rolls not kept in the fridge? ›

"If the sausage rolls and pasties were kept hot after they had been baked, then they would be subject to VAT and the customer would have to be charged a higher price, in the same way that we charge VAT on our hot sandwiches which are kept in a heated cabinet and are subject to VAT."

What's included in Greggs free breakfast? ›

Free Greggs breakfast every week
  • You can choose either one free hot drink or one Breakfast Roll, or one Sausage Roll, Vegan Sausage Roll or Cheese and Onion Bake.
  • One per person, per week.
  • 47,000 codes available per week.
Dec 1, 2022

Does Greggs do coffee? ›

Or perk yourself up after lunch? Well you're in luck - because it's ALWAYS coffee o'clock at Greggs. At Greggs, our coffee beans are always freshly ground and because you're never far away from one of our shops, it's also easily found! We also offer plenty of choice - a bevy of hot beverages, you might say.

Do Greggs do a platter? ›

We've been putting the Bloomer Sandwich Platter through its paces. Just look at this collection of hand-cut classics - Sweet Chilli Chicken, Tuna Crunch, Ham Ploughman's… there's a sandwich to suit all tastes!

What is the most expensive sausage roll in the world? ›

The Krug X sausage roll is available until August 31 at Bennelong's Cured and Cultured Bar. For $110 you get a suckling pig sausage roll and a glass of Krug Grande Cuvée 166ème Édition Champagne.

How much is a Greggs bag? ›

We tried the £2.50 Greggs 'Magic Bag' and this is what we got.

What does Greggs give you on your birthday? ›

Birthday Treat

That's why we'll give you a free sweet treat each year on your birthday. Redeem it in our shops and make it a day to remember.

What is England's best sausage roll? ›

The Sausage Roll Champion for 2023 is Mat Follas!

In a unanimous judges' verdict, Mat Follas from Bramble Restaurant in Sherborne, Dorset, was crowned as Champion in this year's Great Sausage Roll Off.

What is the most popular sausage in the US? ›

What is the most common sausage in the US? One of the most popular sausages in the United State is breakfast sausage. It is made with pork and uses pepper and sage for seasoning.

Which country has the best sausages in the world? ›

Some of the most famous sausages in the world are European sausage, such as those from Germany, France and the UK. These sausages are popular for good reason, as they're delicious, versatile and are easy to use in a variety of dishes. You've probably tried your fair share of British or German sausages.

Which country sausage is best? ›

Merguez - Algeria/Morocco

One of the tastiest sausages on the planet. The meat is lamb and the rich, spicy flavour comes from cumin, coriander, cayenne, fennel, paprika, garlic, salt, with harissa adding fire and the red colour.

Where are the best sausages in the world? ›

The Best of the Wurst: Nine Iconic Sausages
  • Käsekrainer – Austria.
  • Andouillette – France.
  • Cumberland Sausage – England.
  • Weisswurst – Germany.
  • Sai Krok Isan – Thailand.
  • Merguez – Morocco.
  • St. Galler Bratwurst – Switzerland.
  • Morcilla – Spain.
Sep 22, 2021

What happens to Greggs leftovers? ›

At Greggs we aim to distribute as much unsold food to charity as possible, including soup kitchens, food banks, and shelters for the homeless and vulnerable.

Do you get free food at Greggs? ›

Birthday treat

Let's be honest, your birthday wouldn't be complete without a Greggs. That's why we'll give you a free sweet treat each year on your birthday.

What is a black card at Greggs? ›

The first ever card was gifted to rapper Stormzy back in 2020 who once rapped that he 'grew up on yum-yums, Greggs and that'. The black card gives users access to a very special Gregg's Concierge service – which brings any order of Greggs baked goods direct to your door, free of charge.

Can you get free stuff from Greggs? ›

No birthday is be complete without a Greggs. That's why we'll give you a free sweet treat every year on your birthday. Redeem it in our shops to make it one to remember.


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