Gorilla Safety ELD Equipment Review – Fleet and Risk Management (2023)

Gorilla Security ELD

$175 + $22 monthly fee


Customer service


Easy to use


To install


for fleet

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function and technology



  • Reasonable price
  • durability
  • Risk Management Services
  • Unique management tools


  • Users report customer service issues
  • Incomplete apps and portals
  • It lacks basic tracking and logging capabilities

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Gorilla Safety ELD Equipment Review – Fleet and Risk Management (2)

Gorilla Safety Fleet Management is one of the most popular devices in the fleet management and ELD (Electronic Logging Devices) industry. This is included in ourDear ELD Teamchoose.

Founded in 2013, Gorilla Safety is a fleet safety and risk management company. Businesses are taking advantage of evolving ELD regulatory requirements to get a head startOther ELD manufacturersby making one ofThe best field devices for operators.

This review by Gorilla Security shows how the company successfully performed a comprehensive integrationFleet Management SolutionsWith Gorilla Safe AOBRD technology. Also, in this Gorilla Security full field test, we will list all the features of ELD solutions along with the pros, cons, and costs.

Overview of Gorilla Security's ELD screening and risk management services

Gorilla Safety ELD Equipment Review – Fleet and Risk Management (3)Gorilla Safety PRIME8 is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. The device is compliant with the latest FMCSA regulations and incorporates the latest technology for advanced logging and tracking capabilities.

Gorilla Fleet Safety LLC's PRIME8 ELD device is designed as a small black box that fits into the truck through the diagnostic port. However, it lacks some basic features of other ELD devices, but it still stands out.

Familiarity with the Gorilla Safety services may be helpful until the capabilities of the PRIME8 ELD device are explored.

Their services include the following:

driving training

The safety of a truck is only as good as the skill and ability of the driver. An experienced driver must be able to drive defensively and demonstrate integrity in his job.

To help in such situations, Gorilla Safety has an entire department dedicated to educating truck drivers on America's highways and complying with laws and regulations, and providing them with Gorilla Safety instruction. There is another gorilla safety video on gorilla safety.com, which also provides users with a gorilla safety manual.

The Gorilla Safety training video allows users to quickly learn and master the methods of using the Gorilla Safety panel. Apprentices also benefit from free services such as licenses, documentation and even access to job opportunities through the company network.

Gorilla Safety ELD Equipment Review – Fleet and Risk Management (4)


Gorilla Safety ELD Equipment Review – Fleet and Risk Management (5)

FMCSA uses Compliance, Safety and Accountability (CSA) scores to determine vehicle and driver risk levels. A low CSA score puts your truck and driver in a high-risk category, raising a number of legal, ethical, and professional questions.

It has also met resistance from third parties such as insurance companies. Gorilla Safety takes several steps to help its customers achieve good CSA results. First, it provides educational material on compliance with road safety regulations. It also trains drivers to the highest standards to avoid future breakdowns.

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accident investigation

Accidents involving trucks are a daily occurrence on American freeways. In most cases, the responsibility lies with the truck driver.

  • Gorilla Safety makes no assumptions when a customer is involved in an accident.
  • The company sends a team of investigators to clarify the course of events and determine the exact cause of the accident.
  • This helps a lot with things like insurance and legal paperwork.

Repair and maintenance program

Trucks are prone to mechanical problems, especially when transporting heavy loads. Breakdowns are a liability because they cost money and waste valuable time. Therefore, it pays to have a dedicated repair and maintenance team.

Gorilla Safety has a team of mechanics and technicians who are on call should a customer's truck break down.

Gorilla Secure ELD device capabilities

Despite their small size and simple design, Gorilla Safety's ELD devices pack a wealth of features. It has several features that set it apart from the competition. These features are designed for functionality, convenience, and comfort.

Here is information on some of the most notable features:

A)Powerful registration function

Gorilla Safety ELD Equipment Review – Fleet and Risk Management (6)

The services highlighted above should not be confused with Gorilla Safety's ELD device capabilities - they complement an organization's risk management department.

These devices themselves have different capabilities, mostly related to tracking and logging.

b) document management

Paperwork is one of those tasks that is not required in many industries, including shipping. However, it is essential.

Document management is one of the features of this ELD device. The program separates documents into four categories: truck documents, driver qualification documents, corporate documents, and patent-pending ELD support documents. It also offers easy solutions for transferring documents between drivers and managers, obtaining digital signatures and more.

c) eDVIR and mechanical inspection

Many common maintenance inspection violations are easily avoided. However, you cannot fix what you cannot see. That's why Gorilla Safety includes eDVIR and mechanical inspection options in the company's app.

  • This option is used to assess truck suitability and to keep a record of any mechanical problems encountered.
  • By keeping drivers and truck owners up to date on truck status, the Gorilla Safety app enables users to fix problems early.
  • Thus, it helps drivers to avoid traffic tickets, fines, wasted time and many other inconveniences.

d) warning

There are many things to consider in the fleet shipping industry. Employees need to keep track of inspection and maintenance schedules, collect driver signatures, and more.

However, without proper organizational measures, this can be difficult. Gorilla Safety has helped some organizations get started using their "Alerts" feature.

  • This "alert" feature automatically reminds users to complete the job on time.
  • All users have to do is schedule their tasks and specify a time
  • When the time comes, notifications will be sent to their phones and computers,
  • As a result, alerts help organizations avoid the hassle of keeping up with fragmented schedules.

e) investigation of accidents

Accidents are a haulier's worst nightmare. In some cases, they lead to large losses due to mechanical damage, fines and lawsuits. So when an accident happens, it pays to keep the facts in mind.

Gorilla Safety helps clients avoid these pitfalls by providing comprehensive investigative tools.

With this tool drivers can:

  • Collect counterparty statements
  • take testimonies,
  • Take photos and gather all the information needed to determine the cause of the accident.

This data is useful in the event of court proceedings and other legal actions.

f) Mobile ELD Documentation

The file-moving feature makes it easy for drivers to keep up with the paperwork. It provides a unified space where drivers can:

  • Documents such as document dispatch records, packing slips and correspondence records.
  • Save time and eliminate paperwork so you can focus more on driving and meeting deadlines.

g) Plug-and-Play-Installation

Installing Gorilla Fleet Safety ELD devices is easy.

  • You don't need any technical skills to do this.
  • EASY TO CONNECT - These devices are designed to connect to the truck's diagnostic port using a 6-pin and 9-pin adapter.
  • Quick Installation – Gorilla Security Camp takes just a few minutes to install, and registration and registration is almost instant thanks to its plug-and-play design.

h) Full GPS tracking

Gorilla Safety uses advanced GPS technology to accurately track trucks and other company assets.

These GPS systems collect important data such as B. the amount spent on the road, the number of checkpoints, speed and more. Customers use this data to optimize their services and avoid wasting valuable time and other resources.


Gorilla Safety ELD Equipment Review – Fleet and Risk Management (7)

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The PRIME8 mobile app was developed to provide drivers and fleet managers with an easily accessible portal.

  • The Electronic Journal app is designed to be compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • These applications have a user-friendly interface that provides easy access to various commands.

However, the app also has some disadvantages.

  • It does not offer a messaging platform to keep drivers in touch with their managers and other third parties.
  • His programming skills aren't good enough either. However, the company said it has been working to improve its mobile app and other software.

j) Web access portal

In addition to the mobile app, Gorilla Safety has a complete web portal for fleet management.

  • This portal for fleet managers contains important databases for storing and retrieving documents such as B. Driver ratings, maintenance inspection data and more.
  • It also allows managers and drivers to digitally exchange documents and signatures in real time.

However, this portal has a major drawback: it doesn't have a solution to assign unregistered driving tasks to individual drivers, which makes some records difficult.

k) affordability

Gorilla Safety because of hisaffordable serviceCharge lower fees compared to other fleet management service providers. In addition, considering the quality of the products and services offered, it can be said that the company's services are profitable.

Other features are:

  • real-time report
  • GPS tracking function
  • share relevant data
  • ELD compliance
  • Reduce the cost of insurance claims
  • Automatic logging of operating hours (HOS).
  • Implementation of a closed loop inspection
  • Development and storage of key documents.
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuel consumption tracking

Benefits of Gorilla Safety Fleet Management

Gorilla Safety, like any other company, has many strengths and weaknesses.

Gorilla Safety ELD Equipment Review – Fleet and Risk Management (8)

Benefits of using Gorilla Safety Services include:


  • Gorilla Safety's ELD devices and services are more affordable and cost-effective.
  • Compared to its competitors, its equipment is cheaper with the same quality of service.
  • Considering the risk management services offered, these devices are worth the money.


  • These devices are designed to last for years, even under stressful conditions.
  • They are small and compact enough to withstand the rigors of truck transport.
  • They also offer a guaranteed replacement for non-compliant ELD devices.

good customer service

When it comes to customer support, Gorilla Safety scores above average.

  • The company's customer service department is always available to offer solutions to customers.
  • Then there is a dedicated Gorilla Security customer service phone number that you can call at any time.
  • Customers can voice their requests through various channels like Gorilla Secure Phone Number, Instant Messaging, Email, etc.

Easy to use

  • Gorilla Safety's products and services are easy to use for everyone, including drivers and managers.
  • For example, installing an ELD device is quick and requires no technical knowledge.
  • The mobile app and web platform are also easy to navigate, and the company's account managers are available to resolve any issues.

Risk Management Services

As mentioned above, Gorilla Management is not just an ELD company.

  • It also acts as a service provider for risk management.
  • The company offers a wide range of risk management services including document management and accident investigations.
  • In doing so, they help protect customers' trucks and employees, thereby protecting their business.

to save time

Freight forwarders have fixed working hours and often a tight schedule. Delivery delays have many consequences, including a bad reputation, fines and, worst case scenario, lost customers.

However, by providing complementary services and automating tasks through its mobile app, Gorilla Safety saves customers a lot of time that they spend on other important tasks. This goes a long way towards improving your business performance.

Disadvantages of Gorilla Safety Fleet Management

Incomplete apps and portals

As mentioned above, the Gorilla Safety mobile app and web portal are missing some features. Missing features hamper the full functionality of the platform, which in turn affects its quality and usefulness.

It lacks basic tracking and logging capabilities

Gorilla Safety ELD devices can be complex, but it would be a mistake to omit some basic but important features and functions. For example, these devices do not collect engine trouble code data.


As one of the best performing ELDs, the company believes that ELD systems are cost-effective and economical.

You will find that Gorilla Safety ELDs are also quite inexpensive to buy and manage, especially when compared to other ELD solutions of similar quality.

  • Expect to pay $175 upfront to get the ELD install kit.
  • You'll also have to pay a subscription fee of $24-$30 per month depending on what features you want for the Advanced ELD system.

When you evaluate the tools and features this fleet management, risk management, and ELD compliance solution offers, you know it's worth every penny.

Gorilla Security ELD User Reviews

Gorilla Safety ELD Equipment Review – Fleet and Risk Management (9)Gorilla Safety Fleet Management Rating A+Better business placeWebsite. The company's fleet management services and ELD solutions have received good reviews on other review sites.

Users who rated Gorilla Safety Fleet Management positivelyGoogle Play Storejapplication windowPraise the company for its affordability, ease of use, ease of navigation, and great customer service through the Gorilla Secure Contact channel.

However, some users were upset due to some difficulties while using the app. For example, many users find that the app is slow to respond, sluggish at best, and that it freezes frequently.

Another user complained that there are no after hours and before and after ride options in the app. And others said they were having trouble with the logs, with no connection or mileage being recorded. And still not getting the correct IFTA miles and way more annoying than it should be.

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  • Integrate fleet security features
  • Easy to install and use
  • low monthly fee


  • Editing driver registries is confusing
  • Error in diagnosing the engine
  • No news


Gorilla Safety Fleet Management is certainly one of them.Best Fleet Management Technology CompanyIndustry.

It is known for its quality products, risk management services, and affordability, among other things. This Gorilla Safety Field report will show you that the fleet management system that Gorilla Safety offers is also unique in many ways.

It has some unique monitoring and management features that go beyond the basics.Electronic recordA feature we don't see in many other systems.

The ELD solution itself is simple enough for anyone familiar with e-zines, and among its advanced tools, the system really shines at keeping track of everything, including the documentation needed to help you with the support FMCSA.

Gorilla has rapidly expanded its features and capabilities, offering a sophisticated compliance management package. It also provides an easy and cost-effective way for customers, independent drivers and small businesses to comply with the ELD.

The price and ease of use can appeal to everyone. However, Gorilla's unique advanced security features make him extremely attractive for fleet development. I was looking for the perfect way to manage the many processes and documents required to be compliant.

Its advantages far outweigh any disadvantages and are worth every penny.

Please also fill out the information below to contact us.inquiry formIf you need help finding the best ELD solution for your business needs.

Gorilla Safety ELD Equipment Review – Fleet and Risk Management (10)

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