Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (2023)

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Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout is the latest in a long line of crazy products from the folks at Gorilla Mind HQ.

But is this pre-workout up to the task? Or is it all sizzle and no steak? Check out our Gorilla Mode pre-workout review to find out for yourself.

Our review will break down the ingredients and help you understand what the company is trying to achieve. We'll also look at when to take it, who benefits most from it, and if there are any side effects that need to be addressed.


  • What is the Gorilla Mode pre-workout?

    Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (1)

    Gorilla Mode is a pre-workout stimulant sold by Gorilla Mind, a relatively new nutritional supplement company based in Chicago.

    It offers a highly caffeinated serving packed with multiple scientifically proven ingredients.

    In terms of branding, Gorilla Mode reminds us of an extreme gym mentality, but beneath the surface this is a well-designed supplement that offers a lot.

    The supplement is designed to increase nitric oxide levels to deliver incredible pumps, while the caffeine helps you train harder for longer.

    In this review, we'll dive into the ingredient list and help you figure out what makes this a good pre-workout.

    We'll discuss what we like, don't like, and if the Gorilla Mode pre-workout is the right option for you.


    What does gorilla mode do?

    Gorilla Mode is a pre-workout supplement designed to help you train with more energy, focus and mental clarity.

    It's also designed to increase blood flow to your muscles, giving you a great muscle pump during your workouts and helping your muscles work harder.

    Gorilla Mode contains several nootropics that are said to improve mental acuity, but the science behind it is a bit flimsy.

    High-dose nootropics don't always make a huge difference, but there's plenty of caffeine in each serving, and that can provide most of the cognitive benefits you desire.

    If you want increased energy levels, the best possible pumps, improved exercise performance and high levels of cognition, Gorilla mode could be a great addition for you.

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    Does gorilla mode work?

    Most caffeinated pre-workouts will do the trick. Creating a performance-enhancing pre-workout isn't difficult. This can be accomplished with a couple of espressos and a glass of water.

    The real question is: is the Gorilla Mode pre-workout enough to make you stand out from the crowd? Is It Better Than Most Pre-Workout Supplements? Is this the pre-workout you do before attempting a new deadlift personal best?

    That's what this Gorilla Mode pre-workout review will really focus on.

    Gorilla mode pre-workout ingredients

    One of the things we really like about Gorilla Mind (the company behind Gorilla Mode) is that they are very transparent with their ingredient lists. This gives us (almost) full access to what is in their supplements.

    There are 12 active ingredients in Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout, we will explain each of them and give a little explanation of what it is and why it is present in the pre-workout. All dosages are for a standard serving of one tablespoon.

    L-Citrulina 4.500 mg

    Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (3)

    The main purpose of L-Citrulline is to increase blood flow.[1]rising nitrogen oxide levels. This will give you a very decent muscle pump. L-citrulline may also help reduce fatigue and increase exercise volume.[2].

    The ideal dose of L-Citrulline is 6-8g, so a tablespoon of Gorilla Mode is a bit underdosed. But you should still see great results.

    Kreatin-Monohydrat 2.500 mg

    Creatine is perhaps the most researched and effective workout supplement on the market. It has numerous benefits, both physical and cognitive.

    But it is added before exercise for its ability to reduce fatigue.[3], increases the volume of your workout and allows you to lift heavier weights for more reps. The dosage is decent, but two tablespoons would be too much.

    GlycerPumpTM 1.500mg

    This is a more stable version of glycerine powder used to increase blood flow and provide insane pumps during workouts.[4].

    Malic acid 1,500 mg

    This is used to increase the absorption of creatine monohydrate. Malic acid is a rather unexciting but quite useful ingredient in dietary supplements.

    Betaine Anhydrous 1250 mg

    Betaine, also known as trimethylglycine (TMG), comes from beets and is said to help reduce fatigue and increase muscle endurance.[5]. However, scientific evidence for this is quite elusive. We're not saying it won't work, but we're on the fence right now.

    L-Tyrosine 750 mg

    An amino acid that promises to improve mood, but also appears to be very good for improving focus. tyrosineI couldhelp with aerobic performance, but the evidence is patchy at this point. The dosing is done on time.

    Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (4)

    Agmatinsulfat 500 mg

    This derivative of the amino acid L-arginine has shown promise as a mood enhancer. It has also been found to reduce pain.

    This is very important as reducing perceived muscle soreness means you can perform more reps and get more out of your workout. Reducing pain perception is also one of the main reasons caffeine is so effective.

    Cover 250 mg

    Also known as Sceletium tortuosum, kanna is an herb consumed by hunter-gatherers in South Africa for its cognitive abilities.[6]. There is some evidence that it can reduce anxiety while improving your cognition. Helps you stay focused during your workout.

    Caffeine 175 mg

    Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (5)

    The most common pre-workout ingredient out there! Caffeine has been shown to increase strength, aerobic and anaerobic performance. It also has cognitive benefits and can reduce fatigue while improving mood.

    This really is an obvious supplement ingredient. 175mg is a decent amount of caffeine and should work well for fat burning.

    Two scoops provide 350 mg of caffeine, which should be enough to see big performance gains, although you may notice some of the side effects (dizziness, nausea, indigestion).

    N-Phenethyldimethylamincitrat 175 mg

    Also known as Eria Jarensis extract, it is a powerful mood enhancer used in some pre-workouts. However, it should be noted that many sports organizations have it as a banned substance.[7].

    This means that if you are tested for doping in competitions, you could fail. It is legal to take if you are not an athlete[8].

    Eria Jarensis extract should not be taken with medication for depression (MAOIs). So keep that in mind and talk to your doctor if you're taking any.

    Bioperin 5mg

    Also known as black pepper extract. You will find Bioperine in almost every pre-workout supplement. Its function is to increase the absorption rates of the ingredients.

    Huperzine A 200 mcg

    This is a nootropic that can help improve memory and concentration. It can help you get better muscle contraction by protecting acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter).

    Gorilla mode pre-workout benefits

    The biggest benefit of this pre-workout is that it works well and the ingredients are (mostly) in the right amounts.

    There is very little under dosing and all the ingredients have a reason to be there. That can't be said for most pre-workout supplements.

    There are three areas where the Gorilla Mode pre-workout really excels. Stimulation, blood circulation and mood elevation.



    Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (6)

    The caffeine content is decent at one tablespoon and very high at two tablespoons. The way Gorilla Mind combines caffeine anhydrous with other ingredients like kanna and creatine is clever.

    You should get all the mental and physical stimulation without the negative side effects you may be experiencingsomePre-workout supplements.

    blood circulation

    Getting that muscle pump is something a lot of pre-workouts focus on, and Gorilla Mode nailed it here.

    The L-Citrulline combined with GlycerPump should have a huge nitric oxide boost giving you a great muscle pump during your session.

    mood improvement

    Caffeine, Huperzine A Extract, Kanna, and Eria Jarensis are known to improve your mood, focus, and ability to focus on a task. You will be highly focused during sets and will see a huge improvement in your workouts.

    Side effects before training in Gorilla mode

    Side effects are relatively minimal for a pre-workout supplement. Because there is no beta-alanine, you won't feel the "beta-alanine tingles" in your hands.

    175mg of caffeine is not enough to see negative side effects unless you have a low tolerance.

    Make sure you're drinking plenty of water during your workout as creatine can dehydrate you, but pre-workout is usually mixed with lots of water anyway so this shouldn't be a huge problem.

    If you are taking MAOIs for depression, you should avoid this supplement as it contains Eria Jarensis extract.[9].

    You should also avoid it if you are a professional athlete as it isI couldend up on some banned ingredient lists.

    When Should You Choose Gorilla Mode?

    Most ingredients should be taken 30 to 60 minutes before training. However, remember that your workout shouldn't involve going to the gym, changing your clothes, or walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes.

    It's best to do your pre-workout 30 minutes before hitting the gym so everything should be at its peak in time for your first big lift.

    Most ingredients remain active in your system for over an hour, so don't worry if you take something too soon.

    Also, don't go into gorilla mode after 6:00 p.m. M. since the caffeine stays in your system for 6 hours afterwards.

    This can affect your sleep quality. It's always best to use non-stimulant pre-workout supplements if you're exercising late at night.

    Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (7)

    Serving Instructions: For best results, combine Gorilla Mode (Tiger's Blood Flavor) with a splash of ice cold water 30-60 minutes before your session.

    Who Should Use Gorilla Mode Before Training?

    Gorilla Mode is a great addition for regular gym goers looking to burn fat, build muscle and prevent fatigue from interfering with their workouts. It is best suited for morning workout or workout right after work.

    It's perfect when you feel like your energy levels are low and you really want to improve your physical performance.

    How much does gorilla mode cost?

    Gorilla Mode costs $49 for 40 servings, which is only $1.23 per serving. This compares very favorably to many pre-workouts and represents excellent value for money.


    Where can I find Gorilla mode?

    Probably the best place to get Gorilla Mode is directly from their website. Click on our link and take a bath.

    We recommend the tiger blood, which tastes like lemonade instead of real tiger blood! Mango Peach is a good whoop too.

    This is one of the best pre-workout supplements we've reviewed and even half a serving should help you get through your workout, although of course a full serving is ideal.

    frequently asked questions

    Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (8)

    Should I take one or two spoons?

    See the Gorilla Mode review above for our reasoning, but we recommend a shovel.

    You can even start with half a tablespoon if you're not used to caffeine. You can take two scoops at a time, but after that you should switch to a non-stimulant pre-workout.

    Does Gorilla Mode mix well with water?

    It blends well, but you can expect a bit of grit. Gorilla Mind says this is due to the potency of the ingredients.

    Can this be used for study?

    There is a strong case for using it as a study aid due to the amount of caffeine and nootropics it contains. It would be a good idea to test it with half a tablespoon first, remembering not to do it too late.

    How long does gorilla mode last?

    If you take it 30 minutes before you start your workout, you will see the benefits for about an hour (90 minutes total). Caffeine stays active in your system for 6-8 hours depending on your tolerance, so we recommend not taking it after 5pm. M

    Does Gorilla Mode make you itch?

    No, Gorilla Mode does not burn as it does not contain beta-alanine.

    Should You Buy Gorilla Fashion?

    Gorilla Mode has a very impressive pre-workout formula and is sold at a very fair price per serving. Gorilla Mind is a great company and their products consistently deliver the products.

    There are few side effects, especially compared to similar pre-workouts, and the lack of beta-alanine is a relief for those who don't like the tingling that comes with it.

    The performance benefits are great, the flavor is great, it mixes well, and all the ingredients serve a purpose and are well dosed. Gorilla Mind is a winner here!



    Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (9)
    Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (10)

    Pre-Workout im Gorilla-Modus

    Our recommendation number 1

    • Built to increase nitric oxide levels to deliver insane pumps.
    • It helps you train with more energy, focus and mental clarity.
    • They are very transparent with their ingredient lists.
    • It works well and the ingredients are (mostly) in the right amount.

    Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout Review (2023) Game Changer or Dud? (11)

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